Directed By: Asher Emmanuel, Vincent Vittorio
The forgotten refugees of Dadaab



Over 12 million people live in refugee camps worldwide; less than 0.1% of them are resettled, repatriated, or integrated into normal society each year. The feature-length documentary, “Warehoused”, gives an intimate look at the plight of long-term refugees over the course of history, culminating in today’s refugee crisis. The term "warehoused" refers to asylum seekers trapped in border camps for five years or more without the right to work, generate income, move freely, or choose their place of residence.

“Warehoused” sheds light on the daily life and unique challenges of refugees across the globe through a glimpse at life in Dadaab, Kenya, one of the largest refugee camps in the world. We see the camp's inner workings through one man's journey to do everything to provide for his family.The story follows several people as they try to carve out an existence in storage, a story that has been repeating itself all over the globe for centuries. While there are organizations that are lending a short-term hand, the long-term refugee crisis is the hardest to cure. “Warehoused” reveals the vital role that nations and organizations have in the lives of millions of people simply in search of home.


Liban Rashid, Adbi Halwo Ali, Abdihalim Mo, Rafiq Copeland, Eric Goonis, Katy Long, Abdi Mohamed Ragge, Ben Rawlence, Hans Vikoler, Daud Yussuf

Lewis Hurrell

Asher Emmanuel

Executive Producer
Jeremy Doublestein, Tyler Edgarton, Regan Hines

Vincent Vittorio

Asher Emmanuel, Vincent Vittorio

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