The New Breed

Directed By: Pete Williams
The rise of the social entrepreneur



THE NEW BREED is a cinematic feature film, documenting the rise of a new type of businessperson - The Social Entrepreneur.

The film follows the journey of three millennial social entrepreneurs as they uncover a problem with the world that needs fixing, develop a business plan, build a product, take it to market and share their business’s success with some of the most vulnerable people, communities and environments on the planet.

Entertaining sketches throughout the film will tackle complicated topics like globalisation, inequality and poverty in fun and easy to understand ways, shedding light on the global forces that have triggered the rise of the Social Entrepreneur.

The project itself is a Social Enterprise - Proceeds from the film will be used to provide film equipment and education to aspiring filmmakers from disadvantaged backgrounds in the USA and around the world.


Kevin Ahearn, Kohl Crecelius, Chris J. Faria, Janna Black Hart, Ben Kneppers, David Stover

Kyle Westaway and Pete Williams

Thomas Lyons

Pete Williams, Vincent Vittorio

Pete Williams

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