Directed by: Vincent Vittorio
8 miles every day




Raven has run on the oceanfront sands of Miami’s South Beach every day since January 1, 1975. Many have marveled at this feat over the years and all have the same question… Why? Watch the official trailer for ”RAVEN”, the brand new episodic podcast series. Episodes are available NOW to listen to wherever you get your podcasts.


Podcast host, Vincent Vittorio, remembered seeing Raven run while playing on the beach as a small child. He wondered aloud to his grandmother, “Who is that man and why does he always run?” Thirty-five years later and now a documentary filmmaker, Vittorio seeks to answer these lingering questions from his childhood. He traveled to Miami to meet Raven with the quest of finally understanding who this man is... and what he might be running from.

Robert was a curious kid who had some difficulties fitting in, often described as a loner. His mother Mary was a loving single mother who worked hard to provide for both once Robert’s father moved far away to Los Angeles to start a new life of his own. After brief stints in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Raven landed in Nashville. He would write music by day and at night, he’d attend the Grand Ole Opry, believing he too would become a star one day. Despite pouring his heart and soul into writing the perfect song, Raven heard a constant drumbeat of ‘NO’ at every turn, leaving him scarred, bruised, and humbled.

Robert returned to Miami and began a daily run on the sands of South Beach. What started as a way to cope with his failure became a way out... an escape... and turned into one of the longest and most impressive running streaks in history.

The run streak simply means running on consecutive days. For a period of time. Without fail. The rules are simple: All you have to do is run. For many years, Raven ran alone.

But onlookers slowly took notice and the legend of Raven grew. The lonely runner now counts many thousands as his companions… and friends. Despite running away from the thi


Directed By:
Vincent Vittorio

Robert Raven Kraft

Vincent Vittorio

Contributing writer:
Caroline Harvey and Tinn Ou

Claudio Zungri and Vincent Vittorio

Story Editor:
Eric Rix, Carolyn Harvey, Tinn Ou

Executive Producer:
Jason Hoch and Laura Caulfield

Vincent Vittorio & Claudio Zungri

Sound Design:
Richard Spooner

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