American Made Movie

Directed By: Nathaniel Thomas McGill, Vincent Vittorio
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American Made Movie is a feature-length documentary that explores the decline in America’s manufacturing workforce and highlights innovative Americans across the county who succeeded in spite of a global marketplace that has driven-out American-made products by outsourcing and driving-down prices. Directors Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel Thomas McGill demonstrate that the American Dream is still attainable for future generations by featuring several small businesses that have seen success despite the ever-expanding global economy.


Mark Andol, Merrie Buchsbaum, Robert DeMartini, Cleofus Blue Wilson, Chris Michalakis, David M. Walker, Lee Sheppard, Gilbert B. Kaplan, Jack Bucker, Pete Piperek, Jeff Eckman, Dave Johnson,
Brian H. Boltz, Denise Moeller, Cheryl Lis, Richard Andol, Janet Andol, Jim Lis, Russ Moeller, Ron Fraser, Richard Andol Jr., Pat Welch, James Poe,
Carolyn McAdams, Allan Hammons, Steve Suranovic, Paco Underhill, Jim Bertozzi, John Doucette, Sheldon Kilkenny, Jessica Collins, Tom Cole, Rick Redman, Thomas Ginschel, Jim Maran, Nick Masino, Fred Carl Jr., Jay Fisher, Dennis M. Powers

Krister Jonsson, Paul Kelly, Carmen Yates

Recording Mixer and Sound Designer
Richard Spooner

Aaron Keuter

Director of Photography
Alex Falk

Ryan C. Wilson

Executive Producer
Clyde L. Strickland, Sandra J. Strickland

Assistant Director
Christopher Lawrence Harvey

Vincent Vittorio & Nathaniel Thomas Gill

Nathaniel Thomas McGill & Vincent Vittorio

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