Roadtrip Niger – Standard Edition DVD



Ned and Benedicte Clark, a married couple, go to Niger to visit Leslie Clark, Ned’s aunt, and the founder of The Nomad Foundation. Bringing their friend, Cooper Bates, the three of them commence a 4-week journey into the poorest, hottest and most remote place you can think of. This is a place completely unlike anything most Westerners get to experience in their lifetime.

This 70 minute film takes the audience along on an incredible journey, where no one is allowed to travel without special permits and security team. They make friends with Nomadic tribes members, for whom owning a cow literally determines whether they live or die. They travelled with the Tuaregs who spent years in the desert dunes, fighting the dictatorial government during the rebellions.

While our group did not originally go to Niger with this purpose, it becomes pertinent for Benedicte to make a difference in the lives of the Tuareg nomads and raise awareness about this forgotten country. Road Trip Niger is the fruits of this effort.