Lewis Hurrell

Lewis Hurrell

Lewis Hurrell is a self-taught composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He released an album entitled “Peter’s Son” in 2006 which caught the attention of Vincent Vittorio. Soon after, Lewis was creating the score for his first LIMM project, “An Inconvenient Tax.”

He attended The School of Sound Recording in Manchester, England, where he played in bands and helped write and produce songs for various artists. Lewis’s credo is “If i’m doing something musically, I want truth and honesty to shout through.” After receiving his degree in sound engineering, Lewis was contacted to write a song for the upcoming LIMM film “American Made Movie.” The resulting track, “The Shelf,” was released in 2014.

A native of England, Lewis has lived all over the world making music and food: he was a professional chef for 9 years. He currently resides in Colorado and is working on the score for his third LIMM project, “Incarcerating US.”

Projects worked on: An Inconvenient Tax, American Made Movie, Incarcerating US