Life Is My Movie Entertainment is a documentary studio developing, producing, acquiring, and distributing captivating non-fiction films. Our team of filmmakers and producers believes in the positive influence a motion picture can have on society. We are committed to producing films of compelling, real-life stories that are easily and readily consumed by audiences around the world. Our films remain relevant over the years and continue to shape political and social conversations that truly impact a diverse population worldwide.


Vincent Vittorio

Founder & Chief Executive Officer - (Partner)

Jessica Vittorio

Chief Operating Officer (Partner)

Regan Hines

Director of Film Development (Partner)

Jeremy Doublestein

Chief Information Officer


Andrew Morgan

Michael Ross

Pete Williams

Asher Emmanuel

Maureen Castle Tusty

Jim Tusty

Mary Beth Koeth

Wallace Cruz

Thomas Miller

Christopher Marshall

Nathaniel McGill

Ellen Martinez

Stephanie Ching

Benedicte Schoyen

Christopher Brannan

Patrick Gavin

Lewis Hurrell

Urim Apocolypse

Jonathan Baudoin

Michael Amico

Aaron Keuter

Darren Mann

Eric Rix

Eric Jaffe