The film explores the complexities of the U.S. criminal justice system, prison reform and outcomes of the War on Drugs

LOS ANGELES, Calif. July 19, 2016 — Life is My Movie Entertainment is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new feature length documentary entitled Incarcerating US. The film teaser is available today. Incarcerating US tells the story of America’s broken criminal justice system and highlights the failure of two major initiatives: The War on Drugs and mandatory minimum sentences, both of which contribute to overincarceration and rising tension between police and community.

With over 2.3 million individuals behind bars, up from 500,000 in 1980,  the U.S has 
the largest prison population in the history of the world. With millions of lives and tax dollars hanging in the balance, one thing is clear: America cannot afford to ignore this problem any longer.

“I wanted to make Incarcerating US to shine a spotlight on a problem that is out of sight and out of mind for many Americans,” said Regan Hines, Director, Incarcerating US. “The social and economic costs of overincarceration affect everyone and the current system of overincarceration is incompatible with a free society.”

“What changed? Why did this half century of stability get upended with this dramatic increase in incarceration in the United States?” said Eric Sterling, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and a featured interviewee. “This film explores the change factors that have brought us to this critical moment in our country’s history.”

Incarcerating US is a feature-length documentary that exposes America’s prison problem and explores ways to unshackle the Land of the Free through vital criminal justice reforms. With 2.3 million people behind bars, the U.S. has the largest prison population in the history of the world.

Through dramatic first-hand accounts, expert testimony, and shocking statistics, Incarcerating US asks fundamental questions about the prison system in America: What is the purpose of prison? Why did our prison population explode in the 1970s? What can make our justice system more just?

The film begins with a brief overview of U.S. prisons and the flawed policies that fueled unprecedented overincarceration. In many cases, these laws exacerbate problems they were designed to solve. Through both empirical evidence and moving personal stories, we see the failures of two major policies: the War on Drugs and mandatory minimum sentences.

Incarcerating US tells the story of America’s broken criminal justice system through the eyes of those who created it, those who have suffered through it, and those who are fighting to change it. After decades of failures, now is the time to unshackle the Land of the Free.

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