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Making of Little Men


Casting for the feature film, Little Men, took place in Gainesville, Florida, where more than 300 talented child actors came from as far as New York, Chicago, and Texas to read for a part. 

It was shot on location in Oak Park, a residential neighborhood of Tampa Palms in
Tampa, Florida.  The clubhouse sets were built on location in the park.  The Set Designer, Shane Beckham, built the sets in a manner to allow the filmmakers to have control of light for interior shots.  And these were not merely sets; they were built as fully functioning clubhouses, one replete with a working drawbridge, the finest of clubhouse furniture, and a lookout on the second floor.  Children of the neighborhood begged for the clubhouse to remain standing after the close of filming.  Unfortunately, it had to be disassembled for safety purposes.

The look of Little Men is truly beautiful.  It was shot in a picturesque park filled with striking landscaping. The 16mm film, with which Little Men was shot, wonderfully captured the richness of color, texture, and detail available in the film’s scenic setting. The natural light was especially positive to the production in its many ways of intermingling with the environment.  So tangible is the setting when viewing the film, it becomes like another character in the atmosphere it creates.  As the story builds, the characters seem natural within the setting, as if there is a dialogue between the children and nature, mirroring their contemplation and the thematic discussion of human nature.   

In a poignant production note, the tree used to create the main clubhouse, ironically enough, still bore remains from the childhood clubhouse built there long ago by Writer/Director Vincent Vittorio, a native of the Tampa Palms community (1989-1993).

The film was scheduled to complete principal photography in 10 full days of shooting.  However, this tight timetable was threatened by rain in the opening days of the shoot.  Despite these and other delays, principal photography was accomplished through eleven rigorous days in the park.

Little Men was shot entirely on Kodak Vision Motion Picture Film.  The camera
used was the Aaton A-Minima.  Camera and accessories were provided by Able Cine Tech in NYC.  Living accommodations were provided by the Wingate Inn and Holiday Inn Express of New Tampa.  Film Processing and Transfer were completedwww by Continental Film Labs of Orlando.  The film was edited digitally with a Power Mac G-4 using Final Cut Pro.