Little Men is a classic tale of boys not wanting girls in the clubhouse, with a modern day twist: some of the boys disagree. The conflict starts at the very beginning and takes the viewer on a roller coaster of childhood drama. The ride is nostalgic in its ups and downs for the older viewer, and it is gripping tension for the little ones and up-and-comers in the crowd.


Devon Gearhart, 8
Atlanta, GA

Tyler Ross, 14
Jacksonville, FL

Daniel Samonas, 13
Coral Springs, FL

Steven Mainini, 13
Sarasota, FL
Sophia Bairley, 9
Winter Haven, FL
Brooke Horn, 11
Gainesville, FL
Ronnie Booth, 11
Tampa, FL
Price Serfass, 9
Belleair, FL
Shawn Smith, 11
Land O' Lakes, FL
David Alls, 10
Orlando, FL
Jessica McClellan, 6
Statesboro, GA
Jessica Simpson, 10
Tampa, FL
Emrys Duensing, 6
Gainesville, FL
Aegis Duensing, 6
Gainesville, FL
Denard Croft, 6
Tampa, FL
Gregory Croft, 6
Tampa, FL
Madison Zavitz, 8
Ocoee, FL
Kelly Zavitz, 6
Ocoee, FL