Little Men is a story of a children’s neighborhood clubhouse and of the eighteen friends who play in and depend upon it, a perpetual childhood tradition. The group of friends is composed of both boys and girls, who are as young as five and as old as thirteen years of age. Gathering every day after school, the troupe meets at their fort, happily, with little conflict, until one day when some of the boys begin to question whether girls should be allowed to remain as part of the group. The conflict eventually divides the friends into two groups with differing ideologies. Fighting continues between the opposing camps as they each vie for their viewpoint. And the stakes escalate as the children’s actions become increasingly hurtful, and dangerous…


Little Men explores some of the most fundamental characteristics of human behavior in their purest form-through the eyes of our children. The concept of equality sparks the central conflict as Darren and Ryan debate whether girls should be allowed in the clubhouse. When the debate becomes too personal, despite Thomas's efforts to maintain unity, a power struggle ultimately ensues, and a division arises between the club's members. These actions result in the kids being torn between two leaders, Darren and Thomas. The children's actions--at first apparently harmless—quickly spiral into a direction they never expected.

This is a struggle of ideals and spontaneous choices and an illustration of how a leader's belief can affect us in unforeseen ways.

  Further Analysis:  

“What happens when Little Men try to think Big?”

Little Men is a story that captures how we grow up.  The film takes the question of, “Whether girls should be allowed in the clubhouse,” and focuses on the reality of the situation.  The children, boys and girls, each realize if he or she is a leader or a follower, and struggle with this issue. The children, learning, fight to grow and to understand the next stage in their life, reminiscent for those who are already Big, and foretelling for those still Little. 

Little Men is a children’s version of a Greek tragedy.  It is a classic tale, but still a family film.  Immersing the audience into the children’s world, the film delicately sits as an observer in the theater of childhood’s evolution, as the choruses and the players interact, sharing their thoughts and feelings, their knowledge and ignorance, their mistakes and triumphs.  Star Wars was created as a mythology for children.  Little Men is a cathartic reality.


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