Project Description

Untold America is a new documentary series focused on the people and places behind the issues facing us today.

A generation of Americans have grown up seeing progress as an inevitable fact, but many are waking up for the first time to realize that each of us is responsible for shaping our shared future. The country is more divisive than it has been for many years now and the need for powerful and clear stories of who we are, where we came from, and where we can go moving forward are more important than ever.

Director Andrew Morgan and his team will travel to capture conversations and stories all over the country giving voice to those who all too often remain voiceless stats or numbers on a page. Exploring everything from power to poverty, equality to injustice the audience will get an opportunity to experience life and perspectives different from their own.

As an online series the show will be built on constant audience engagement across multiple platforms as audience members are able to contribute to the series as it unfolds. Through real life stories, inspiring change makers and engaging ideas the show will provide an honest investigation into what America means now.