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Signing Season.

Signing Season

Signing Season is a documentary exploring the inner workings of hyper‐competitive youth football in America. The movie follows players, coaches, organizers, and scouts from all over the country over the course of a full season and shows how talent can propel the gifted to national prominence. The movie chronicles the challenges these young athletes face in their quests to become elite, shows the impact of the game on their childhoods, and reveals the emotional stakes at play behind the players’ intense drive for success. America’s unquenchable thirst for football pressures coaches and scouts to continue reaching farther down the age bracket to mine talent for their respective programs, thus making the pipeline to professional football longer than ever. As the season builds to its crescendo, fate deals each player a hand, but through the ups and downs, we observe the life lessons and perspectives of young men for whom football is more than just a game

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