Project Description

Police Militarization.

Rise of The Warrior Cop

Rise of the Warrior Cop is a documentary film tracing the changes in police behavior, equipment, uniforms, attitude, and overall culture in the past 5 decades. Cops today would be unrecognizable to the public of the 1950s. Even the name of law enforcement officers has changed. They used to be called “peace officers”. How did we go from Andy Griffith to Robocop and should we be concerned? The paramilitary police units, or SWAT teams, could pass as invading armies. In fact police departments are now fully stocked with equipment, materials, and weapons of war. It will look at some of the reasons why specialized units and equipment may be necessary for certain situations. This documentary film will examine the history of police militarization in the U.S. and what drives these policies.

Project Proposal