Project Description

 Re-Treated The Movie



Re-Treated is a documentary that explores the 5.5 million Americans who seeks help for substance-use disorders every year and the rehab industry that treats them. Hospitals, outpatient clinics, and rehab centers use the 12 Step Program as the gold standard for treatment but this ‘one size fits all’ method often fails to individualize approaches for a diverse set of needs. Few people realize that there are alternative scientific methods that are more effective and cheaper than AA including prescription drugs and cognitive behavior therapies.

The film will feature interviews with top medical professionals, professors and therapists to give a historical context on the history of addiction treatment in America, the lucrative explosion of rehab centers since the 1970’s, and the cutting-edge brain science that informs our understanding of addiction today. The heart of the film will follow the lives of several individuals caught in the cycle of treatment and relapse and make a breakthrough when they try relatively unknown scientific approaches in the United States that prove to be 10x more effective than the 12 Step methods in dealing with addiction.

Project Proposal