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PEZ Heads: The Movie

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PEZheads: The Movie is one man’s cross-country journey to discover what it is about the colorful little candy dispensers that inspire everyone from rock stars, housewives, and children to so passionately and proudly collect.   Chris Skeene, a PEZ enthusiast with a modest 800 heads on his mantle, scours the country, from conventions to home collections, finding as much variety in the personalities of those who love PEZ as there are dispensers.  Whether it be vintage and custom pieces, production errors, or a limited run character head, there is a big market and lots of value for those with a keen collector’s eye.  Most importantly, however, PEZheads: The Movie shows financial value is a motivator for some collectors, but the majority love PEZ simply because it captures their hearts and imagination while dispensing big fun—and tasty candy to boot.


PEZheads: The Movie is a documentary exploring the zany world of PEZ® collectors who immerse themselves in an endless sea of colors, characters, and candy. Chris Skeene, a PEZ® enthusiast with 800 dispensers displayed on his livingroom wall, journeys across the country in search of others who share his passion for this memorable candy toy. Along the way, he makes new friends, visits huge PEZ® conventions and discovers vintage collections worth tens of thousands of dollars.

For some, PEZ® collecting means big business, for others, it is an art form called “fantasy PEZ” and still others, it is a way to raise awareness for causes like cancer.  But no matter what reason people collect PEZ®, one thing rings true, they are always smiling.  The film is as much a story about the endearing power of childhood imagination as it is an exploration of candy and collectors.  And with a seemingly endless number of variations, it’s no wonder PEZ® collecting can become a life-long hobby.   From the PEZ® factory, to Ebay and PEZ-themed bands, the film opens up a whole new world of sweet collecting fun.