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An Inconvenient Tax.

An Inconvenient Tax

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An Inconvenient Tax sheds light on one of America’s messiest problems — a fundamentally broken tax code that affects every part of people’s lives. With the U.S. Congress making over 16,000 changes to the tax code in the last two decades alone, many Americans want something better, but few know where to start. This feature-length documentary film reveals the many ways Congress uses the tax code to achieve political goals that have nothing to do with raising revenue. It also tackles the controversial issue of tax reform through a non-partisan presentation of U.S. tax history and current proposals to fix the code. In a time when America faces fiscal crisis, An Inconvenient Tax brings a crucial exploration of the tax code to the big screen.


In a time when many Americans are concerned about the future of the economy, rising deficits, and unfair tax treatment, a new documentary called An Inconvenient Tax unravels one of America’s messiest problems. This film explores the history of our fundamentally broken tax code and provides valuable insights on how we can continue to move forward despite these downfalls. Key figures interviewed in this film include Noam Chomsky, Steve Forbes, Joseph Thorndike, Mike Huckabee, Charles Rossotti, Dave M. Walker, Neal Boortz, Michael Graetz, Daniel Sharivo, Leonard Burman, and more. The film explores the history of the income tax and brings to light the causes of its many complexities. To help crack the tax code, the film uses the country’s top economic experts, commentators, and political voices to discuss the problems America faces in the tax code and gives valuable insights on how to move forward.