On Thursday, September 15th, Incarcerating US premiered for a packed house at Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C.

The location for the first screening was fitting for a movie that shows the history and impact of the destructive policies that fueled the unprecedented growth of America’s prison population.

While the movie itself offers several ways to fundamentally reform the criminal justice system, the premiere event took the conversation one step further.

As the closing credits rolled, six criminal justice experts took their seats on stage for a panel discussion on criminal justice reform.

13Luiza Savage, Editorial Director of Events at Politico, moderated the discussion with Eric Sterling, Julie Stewart, Neill Franklin, Marc Levin, Judge Nancy Gertner, and Congressman Bobby Scott.

[Click here to watch the panel discussion]

After the panel discussion, the three character stories featured in the movie, Carolyn LeCroy, Tracey Syphax, and Amy Povah, also spoke to the audience about their experience with the criminal justice system and how they advocate for reform.

The first screening was an exciting and successful kickoff for the release but this is only the beginning of the movie’s rollout.

Incarcerating US is booked to screen in many more theaters across the U.S. and the movie is also available online.

As the national conversation about this issue continues, Incarcerating US will engage and motivate audiences, helping to build momentum for real criminal justice reform.